System for Ownership/Investor Supervision.

Up-to-date data on portfolio companies always at hand.

Always current data

Accessible from any device. Ability to browse per company or in the form of summary reports.


Full control of data and an extensive permission system. Monitoring users from the fund level and corporate users.

Portfolio Management of Companies

Adding companies and users, access to data, periodic reports requiring data updates from dependent companies.

Configurable Summary Reports

Visually appealing and configurable reports that allow selecting relevant indicators and data and presenting them in the form of charts or summaries.

Insight into Financial Situation

Comprehensive financial data including balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, and forecasts.

Monitoring KPI Achievement

Ability to set business goals and performance indicators and compare them with actual performance. Also at the level of P&L and Cash Flows.

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Data Access Control

  • Representatives of companies with the ability to view and edit data only for their own company.
  • Assignment of supervision users to individual companies.
  • Division of supervision users into roles with read/write access control.
  • Access control to the Reporting module and cross-sectional data sets.
  • Enforcement of regular data updates.

Configurable Reports

Powerful reporting and monitoring tool

An analytical and reporting module that provides a wide range of capabilities for consolidating and analyzing financial data and KPIs:

  • Base of predefined reports (quarterly survey, analysis, etc.)
  • Dynamically configurable reports with settings memory function
  • Configurable dashboard containing the most important financial data and indicators
  • Export of analyses to XLSX and PDF formats
  • Preview of current performance of key performance indicators (KPIs)



Increase efficiency of portfolio company management

  • General, financial, current, and historical data in one system.
  • Instant access to data and analysis from anywhere and any device.
  • Built-in analytical modules – reports, summaries with wide configuration and export options to XLSX or PDF formats.
  • Shortened handling time for information exchange between companies and the headquarters.
  • Reporting of data directly by company representatives.
  • Always up-to-date data.


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