CRM System for Small Sales Teams and Startups.

A set of ready-made tools for sales process automation and analytics.


That will help you boost sales

Sales Funnels

Configurable graphical sales funnels allow you to optimize the sales process and test different concepts.

Deal Management

You get insights into every sales activity and the current status of each client. With the reporting module, you can track conversion rates and compare salespeople, teams, and clients.

Contact Database

A contact database and a history of customer relationships will help you maintain contact, nurture relationships, and upsell at the right moment. Import and export capabilities allow integration with other tools and applications.

KPI Performance

Set sales KPIs and monitor the achievement of goals by your salespeople.

Always stay on the path to success. Particularly useful during startup development.

Responsiveness + Mobile App

Use it on any device

Sales Funnel

Graphically track lead handling process

Primetime allows for graphical editing and configuration of sales processes, as well as customization of parameters for small sales teams.

The tool is equipped with features for setting and monitoring sales KPIs. It’s perfect for any emerging company and startup.



What you’ll get

Access from multiple devices

Full configuration of sales funnels

Customer interaction history

KPI settings and achievement tracking

Customer classification

Customer statistics and analysis

Contact database

Analytics and reports


We know that as the business model changes, the process changes too.

That’s why in Primetime, we have prepared a set of tools that allow for dynamic process modification and experimentation at any time.

Modify funnels, track sales progress, and analyze KPIs with Primetime.


Dependent on company size and type

We actively participate in startup initiatives, which is why we approach clients with great flexibility, seeking solutions that best fit their current capabilities. Contact us and let’s discuss the perfect package for your needs.


Using Primetime

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