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We combine our rich academic experience with commercial projects supported by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR). We are pleased to support you in the analysis, preparation, and implementation of R&D work.

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Research Design

We provide consulting, feasibility analysis, and research design services. We understand the importance of selecting the right methods and tools to achieve success. You can rely on the expertise and experience of our experts.

Machine Learning

We create intelligent solutions based on the latest machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. We help you extract valuable insights from your data, previously requiring high costs and expert knowledge.

Data science

We assist you in looking at data from a new perspective, organizing and visualizing it using appropriate tools, and deriving insights that optimize your business processes and those of your clients.

Research and Development Project Design

We understand the significance of designing and preparing research and development work. That’s why we always begin our collaboration with an in-depth analysis and understanding of the problem or business processes we aim to optimize. We support our clients in writing project proposals and research plans, creating comprehensive schedules, and selecting the right team members.

We understand the importance of selecting the right tools and methods to maximize the chances of success. After our analysis, you will know which methods to employ and the likelihood of success in your research and development endeavors.

Big data

Dealing with data lakes, multiple systems, and vast amounts of information from various sources can be overwhelming. If this sounds familiar to you, you need proper data analysis and an analytics professional experienced in machine learning, data science, and business project implementation. We help you look at data from a new perspective, organize it, and use appropriate tools to visualize it and derive insights that optimize your business processes.

Machine Learning

Leveraging large volumes of data, we can create software that learns from historical results and events, enabling you to predict or optimize future sales or product outcomes.

You can increase revenue or identify areas where costs can be reduced. We extract valuable information from your data or your clients’ data that previously required specialized analytical skills.


Regression allows for predicting values based on historical data. For example, predicting stock market indices, property prices, or electricity consumption.



Classification solves the problem of assigning a given case to predefined classes. An interesting example of a classifier is medical diagnosis based on a patient’s symptoms, object recognition in images, or sentiment analysis.


It is the process of automatically dividing sample data into groups with similar characteristics. An example of such a problem is clustering people into groups based on their abilities or skills.


Recommendation systems provide recommendations based on collected data. These recommendations often align perfectly with customers’ preferences, such as suggesting products (films, books) on a website, finding suitable candidates for a company, or selecting the best insurance offers tailored to specific business requirements.

Deep Learning

The most rapidly developing field lately. With access to large amounts of data, we can solve very complex problems. Examples include facial recognition in photos and videos, identifying clothing items in celebrity photos to recommend similar products in a store.


“In the coming years, the impact of artificial intelligence on organizational development will intensify significantly. Regardless of the industry, leaders must understand when, how, and where to invest in intelligent technologies.” – Deloitte


Let’s start creating intelligent solutions today!

Case study – Universality.io

A project carried out under the Bridge ALFA program with NCBiR. We participated in the application preparation, design, and implementation process.

The key was to carefully select methods and algorithms and efficiently develop BOT assistants to support recruitment processes. The project significantly increases user engagement on the website.

Our Experts

Every project is unique, and the abundance of potential problems and solutions makes it impossible for anyone to be an expert in everything. That’s why we begin each project with a thorough analysis of potential solutions, followed by selecting team members with experience and expertise in the specific field.

We collaborate with a group of experts from the Jagiellonian University, Krakow University of Technology, and the University of Rzeszow, choosing the best performers for each project.

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