Coworking Software

We present a family of systems for managing coworking spaces and startup accelerators.

Four Systems

Enabling comprehensive support for shared office spaces, automating and facilitating office and coworking management.

Networking System

A system for companies utilizing shared workspaces. Allows for creating a profile and showcasing services and products within the tenant community. Includes a search and matchmaking feature, as well as internal communication tools.

Enables finding clients and partners among workspace tenants.

Meeting Room Booking System

An extensive yet user-friendly system for defining, renting, browsing calendars, and checking availability of shared workspace.

Integrated with access control systems, automatically granting access and tracking space usage.

Document Workflow System

An automated system for client management processes. From contract generation to rental cost calculations, signing, and termination.

Allows for space management optimization and visibility into rental terms.

Includes a dedicated module for creating and calculating de minimis aid, particularly relevant for startup support and EU funding settlements.

CRM and Accounting System

A tool that streamlines and automates customer billing processes. Enables dynamic calculation of monthly rental costs, supports sales processes, upselling to customers, and tracking sales opportunities. Can be integrated with popular accounting systems.

Can be integrated with popular accounting systems.


Shared Space Management

Meeting Room Booking System

An extensive system for defining shared office space, such as conference rooms, hourly offices, and common areas.

Integrated with access control card systems, allowing access to be granted 15 minutes before the reservation start time and automatically revoked 15 minutes after the rental period ends.

Integration with card reader entry systems

Definition and management of office space. Up-to-date data on contractors

Integration with document and contract management systems

Automatic card handling and access control

Office space calendar, configurable availability times

Dynamic rental pricing with automatic invoicing and billing customers

Modern and responsive interface

A family of four systems for comprehensive office management

Document Workflow System

Contract and customer management

Support for the contract signing process

Comprehensive support for adding customers, signing, terminating, and extending leases with tenants.

Payment and Billing Management

Rental rate calculation based on leased area, billing, and activity monitoring of tenants.

De Minimis Aid

Automatic contract generation based on customer data, predefined templates, and euro exchange rates to expedite the processing of contracts financed by EU funds.

Proven Solution!

Designed for one of the largest startup accelerators in Europe –

BusinessLink and Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators.


Comprehensive Tool

CRM and Accounting System

Automation of rental accounting, additional space leasing, and contract settlements
Integration with popular accounting systems.

A tool that streamlines and automates customer billing processes. Integrated with the meeting room booking system, enabling dynamic calculation of monthly rental costs.

Integrated with the networking system. Invoices immediately visible in the customer-accessible profile. Access to all issued invoices, with the ability to make corrections and changes.

Networking System

An information exchange system for tenants. Enables communication with other companies, searching for business partners and initial clients. Offers the ability to organize mentoring sessions with experts.

Full integration with other systems:

  • Company profile
  • Partners
  • Mentors
  • Invoices
  • Contracts

all in one place.

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