Fixed Price — we estimate the total price before the start of the project.

Very often, before making a decision to implement an IT project, the management board wants to know its total price — sometimes even spread over 48 months in advance.

What is Agile Collaboration?

The main assumptions of Agile cooperation are:

  • each sprint is preceded by planning session with the client, during which we determine the functionality that we plan to implement and estimate the programmers’ time allocated quite precisely;
  • after two weeks we present the results on the demo;
  • we account for the actual hours worked.

What are the benefits of Agile collaboration?

Customer benefits:

  • the ability to add features that no one thought of at the beginning of the project;
  • implementation of only those functionalities that are important;
  • during the development of function A, code may be created that will make it very easy to create function B, which will make the real cost of implementation much lower than the original estimation predicts;
  • the ability to easily terminate the contract or cut costs — just do not add anything to the plan of subsequent sprints.

What are the downsides?

The biggest downside, of course, is the lack of certainty about the total budget needed for the project.