What is coworking?

Coworking is primarily a well-organized workspace with a creative atmosphere. It also refers to situations when individuals need workspace (office) for a few hours or days. Unlike the traditional model where each company has its own office, coworking offers the rental of individual workstations, along with office amenities.

Coworking spaces may include offices, game rooms, sports facilities, cafes, and areas for communication among coworkers. Participants in coworking are formally independent and have the opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts, and mutual assistance. Considering all the specific aspects of coworking activities, SmartShack has developed excellent coworking management software, consisting of four systems: Networking, Room Reservations, Document Workflow, and CRM/Accounting.

Room Reservations System

allows managing bookings of rooms, offices, or tables in a flexible and efficient way. Both coworking members and guests can easily reserve suitable spaces according to their needs. The system enables convenient checking of availability and planning meetings at suitable times.

Security is crucial in coworking spaces, so we have implemented access control features, allowing coworking members to access the office using QR codes, magnetic cards, or other identification methods. This allows managing access to various areas and protecting confidential information.


CRM and Accounting Module

enables generating invoices for coworking clients and monitoring payments. The automated invoicing streamlines the billing process, and the system monitors payments, ensuring financial transparency. This makes coworking community management more efficient and automated.

With effective communication within the community in mind, we have prepared a functionality for coworking members to communicate within the system, with the ability to inform about planned events and receive notifications about schedule changes or other important information.


Networking System

We haven’t forgotten about marketing😉. By adding the Networking System to the software, coworking companies can create a business card profile where they can present their services within the tenant community. It’s a great opportunity to acquire new partners or clients among the tenants.

Data analysis and reporting in the SmartShack software allow for a better understanding of space utilization, member preferences, and operational efficiency. With reports and statistics, informed decisions can be made regarding coworking development.


SmartShack’s coworking software offers comprehensive features that help manage all aspects of coworking space. With this tool, operations can be streamlined, efficiency increased, and better experiences delivered to clients.