We would like to share with you our reflections on the extremely important aspects that have helped us build lasting relationships with OZE (renewable energy) customers and earn their trust over the years.

In today’s world, where competition is always at hand, building strong customer bonds is crucial for every company. Mutual trust forms the foundation of these relationships and is incredibly valuable. Here are a few principles:


1️⃣ Focus on customer needs.


During the development of the SmartShack PV CRM system, a key element was to focus on the needs and expectations of OZE companies. Actively listening, asking questions, and thoroughly understanding the specifics of OZE companies’ work allowed us to deliver valuable solutions.


2️⃣ Communication and empathy.


Open and clear communication plays a crucial role in building lasting relationships. It is important for us to be accessible to customers, responding to their questions and requests promptly and professionally.


3️⃣ Personalization.


Each company and industry have different sales, ordering, financing, repayment, and installation processes tailored to their realities. That’s why we prepared a range of tools in the SmartShack PV CRM perfectly adapted to handle customers and photovoltaic installations, and expanded them with new modules dedicated to the sale of Heat Pumps, Energy Storages, Air Conditioning, and Electric Vehicle Chargers. Such a solution allows personalizing the SmartShack PV CRM for each specific OZE company.


4️⃣ Honesty and transparency.


We are not just a provider of tools for managing photovoltaic projects. We are partners to our customers, who can always count on our support and professional assistance. Therefore, we are proud to have earned the trust of reputable OZE companies such as Vosti, Helio Expert, and Grento.


If you want to streamline your business and find a partner who will support you, contact us immediately!