Creating a family of systems for coworking spaces and startup accelerators, we aimed to develop functionalities that not only facilitate space utilization but also foster business growth for tenants. Drawing from our own experiences, we have designed the Networking System, which encompasses a range of intriguing features.



🌐 Business Profile and Service/Product Presentation 🌐

Craft professional business profiles showcasing your services and products within the coworking community. This enables you to gain exposure and strengthen your presence in the local business market.



🔍 Service Matching and Search 🔍

Our advanced search mechanism allows for effortless identification of potential clients and partners among other companies utilizing the same coworking space. It serves as a perfect tool for establishing fruitful business relationships and expanding your network.



💬 Internal Communication 💬

We provide an internal communication feature to facilitate seamless contact with other businesses within the coworking environment. This enables swift exchange of information, ideas, and even collaborative proposals.



📝 Service Request Form 📝

You can submit your company’s service requirements and expectations through a form, selecting predefined tags that precisely define the nature of your needs.

🏷️ Adding Service Descriptions and Specialization Tags 🏷️

Moreover, you can create detailed descriptions of your company’s offerings and the services it provides. In this case, you can also utilize pre-added tags to precisely define your specialization.



💼 List of Supporting Companies 💼

Our system will help you discover a list of companies to which you can offer your services. This presents an excellent opportunity to establish long-term business partnerships.

Remember, it’s not just you seeking clients! You’ll also receive a list of companies that can provide services to you. This option makes it easier to find the best suppliers and partners for your company.

The Networking System continuously analyzes interactions between companies and their areas of operation, allowing for precise suggestions and recommendations of individuals and companies with shared interests. It’s an excellent way to explore new buying and selling opportunities.



🗓️ Regular Email Notifications 🗓️

Once a month, you’ll receive a personalized email with a list of companies that match your specified needs. It’s the perfect way to keep track of new business opportunities, regardless of your level of activity within the system.



Introducing the Networking System significantly simplifies the process of establishing business connections within your coworking community and attracts new and interesting clients to your doorstep.