In our basic version of the SmartShack PV CRM system, new products are now available.

If you’re planning to expand your offerings and introduce complementary products to photovoltaic systems, such as Heat Pumps, Energy Storage Units, and Electric Vehicle Chargers, we already have some exciting solutions for you.


Dedicated Sales Process

The sales process for each type of product is different. We have categorized the product lists accordingly, and each sales process, audits, and data are configured specifically for each product.


Clear Product Information for Each Customer

In the list views and customer profiles, you can immediately see information about all installed products. This allows for easy management of upselling and offering complementary products, such as heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers, or energy storage units, to existing customers.

lista klientów z fotowoltaika, pompy ciepła

Easy addition of new products

To add a new product, simply select the appropriate type on the customer’s profile, and you can complete the dedicated audit for that specific product.

produkty u klienta, fotowoltaika, pompy ciepła, magazyny energii

If you are looking for the right CRM system for solar energy, heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers, or energy storage solutions, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

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